Why Australia’s pork industry is on the brink of collapse

The meat industry is in crisis, with the meat industry accounting for more than half of the country’s export revenue and a $5 billion annual loss, according to a report released by the Australian Pork Board (APB).

Photo: Andrew Meares The APB has warned that if the industry doesn’t change, Australia could be in the crosshairs of a “breach of contract” and its economy could suffer a “catastrophic” blow.

The APBC report released on Wednesday said the pork industry faced “serious challenges” that could see it collapse if it didn’t change its ways.

The pork industry has been on a downward spiral for decades, with most of the decline in the past few years attributed to a shift in demand to the meat-heavy Australian diet.

“Australia is one of the most significant export markets for the US and the world, and this sector is the engine of Australia’s economy,” the report said.

“But the pork sector is in dire straits.

It is the largest employer of domestic and international workers in Australia, yet its share of exports is less than 5 per cent.

If it doesn’t fundamentally change, the industry could lose its key export base.”

The APB warned that Australia’s meat export industry was in crisis.

Photo: APB In 2017, the APB estimated that the industry’s share of Australia is just under 2.7 per cent, with some of that coming from beef.

But the APBC said the meat sector had lost nearly half of its exports since 2015, with exports to Japan and the US increasing by a staggering 17 per cent and 12 per cent respectively.

“The pork sector’s share is falling, with global demand down by 14 per cent since 2015,” the APAB said.

AAPB chief executive Ian McLeod said Australia’s “crisis of contract”, the decline of the industry and a “chilling effect” on the rest of the Australian economy was “cataclysmic”.

“It is a serious challenge for the pork and beef industries,” he said.

“If we don’t change things, the pork market could be at risk.”

The APBA’s chief executive, Peter White, said the industry faced an uncertain future.

He said the future of the meat trade was in doubt, with meat exporting from Australia set to drop by 30 per cent in the next 12 months.

Mr White said the government had already introduced a $2.5 billion package to help the industry cope with the downturn.

What are the pork problems?

The pork and cattle industries have been in a state of crisis since 2015.

Photo : ABC “In 2018, meat exports to Asia were down 16 per cent,” he told the ABC.

“[The APBC] estimates that the pork export market is worth $6 billion, but is now at risk of collapse because of the downturn in demand.

I think we have to change things quickly, and if we don.

That is why I think there needs to be a rethink in the way we do things in Australia.”

Mr White also warned that a significant amount of pork was being sold overseas.

Meat exported to Japan has been a huge market for Australian beef and pork. Photo

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