Beers and Chips, Beers, and More Beers

Beers & Chips is a bar/restaurant in downtown Los Angeles that specializes in local craft beer, wine, and craft cocktails.

The bar and lounge is located in a trendy neighborhood, so if you’re looking for an intimate place to enjoy beer with friends, Beings & Chips will be the place for you.

You’ll find a full menu of locally brewed and produced beers, craft cocktails, and other speciality drinks on tap and in their taproom.

You can also enjoy a selection of local and seasonal craft beer.

Beings is located at 2201 N. Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90012.

Beers: 1.9% ABV, 5.7% SRM, 10 IBUs, 8.6% ABV | Beers from the Great Lakes Brewing Company | Barleywine, Bierbier, Amber Ale, American Ale, Belgian Wit, Amber, Pilsner, Red Ale, Bock, Kolsch, Stout, Black IPA, Lager, Porter, Imperial Stout, Amber Lager | 6-packs and 20-ounce glasses | Begs are available at the door | Beings has a beer list of more than 25 breweries, with some great selections from across the country.

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