What do black people want from a barbecue sauce?

In many ways, barbecue is like many other Southern foods.

Black people tend to eat barbecue on a weekly basis, and their taste buds are well-developed.

They love barbecue sauce and its rich, smoky, and smoky-tasting characteristics.

A new research paper by University of Texas-Austin students, from the Department of Food Science and Agricultural Engineering, presents findings on the flavor of barbecue sauce.

The team of researchers studied the flavor profile of 12 different barbecue sauces and compared them to taste profiles of black people.

They found that, overall, black people were much more satisfied with their barbecue sauce flavor.

The researchers then ran several separate experiments that compared the taste of different black people to their barbecue sauces.

In one experiment, they compared the tasting of black Americans to those of white people, while in another experiment, the researchers compared the tastes of black American women to those who were Caucasian.

In a third experiment, a black woman tasted her own barbecue sauce on a tray and told researchers that she had tried it.

The team also conducted an experiment where the researchers tasted black Americans’ sauces, asked them how satisfied they were with their sauces, and then asked the black women about how satisfied their sauces were with them.

The results were the same.

The research shows that blacks are much more likely to be satisfied with the flavor than whites, who are more likely than whites to be dissatisfied with their own sauces.

“I think barbecue sauce is a wonderful sauce to taste and use, but we have to ask ourselves, what are the differences between the flavors?” said Mary A. Lee, a graduate student in the Department who is one of the lead authors of the study.

“Some people have suggested that people who are white, and are more educated, are less likely to like their barbecue because they are white.

But I think that is not necessarily the case.

I think the difference in experience and how much you have to have to be an expert is what we have found in this study.

I would say that black people are better able to handle a variety of sauces than white people.”

Lee and her colleagues hope that the study will inform people about the flavor preferences of their friends and family.

The findings will also be of use to barbecue restaurants that cater to minorities, who may be unaware that they can have their own flavor preferences, she said.

The study will be published in the American Journal of Food Sciences in January.

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