Which Indian restaurant has the best barbecue?

BBQ is a big part of Indian cuisine.

It’s served up in many popular restaurants in the country, such as Bollywood, and even in some regional ones.

But it can also be found in small-scale joints.

Here are the best Indian barbecue joints in the nation, according to a survey by Times of Indian.

The survey asked a sample of 500 Indian restaurants in Delhi, the capital, and Hyderabad, the state capital, about their barbecue options.

The list included several of the country’s most famous barbecue joints, such Asadhar Bagh, Bajaj, Jamyang Park, the Jamyang Restaurant, and Rajan Bhavan.

(It’s not clear if the list includes any of the most popular Indian restaurants, such the Bajaji, the Ramanagar, the Rannamalai, and the Rajamalaya.)

Here’s a breakdown of the top 10 Indian barbecue restaurants, based on a survey of 500 restaurants.

Bajaja Raja’s barbecue in India is so famous, it’s called the “most famous barbecue in the world.”

(Photo by Ravi Ramesh/Getty Images) Asadh Bharat Barbecue is located in a sprawling compound in the eastern Indian state of Gujarat.

It is also the countrys biggest barbecue joint, serving up its signature brisket and chicken.

Asadhi Bharat, the Indian word for barbecue, means “to burn”.

The barbecue is made in a large pit and is served with a spicy sauce that is made with dried herbs, garlic, and spices.

It comes with a special condiment called jallikattu, which is fried rice and is usually served with the meat.

The sauce is often served on top of the brisket, which can also come with onions and a side of vegetables.

Rajan Bajag’s barbecue is also famous.

It was built in 2006, after Rajan Kumar was sacked from his position as the CEO of the company he founded.

Rajans popularity as a barbecue joint started in the 1990s when he opened a barbeque restaurant in Gujarat, where he served up the country s most popular dishes.

The menu has changed a lot over the years, but Rajan’s mainstay is the briskets and chicken, which are the most famous.

The chicken comes with onions, garlic and ginger, along with green peas and peas.

(Photo via Rajanbhai’s Facebook page) The Barbeque at Rajan Singh’s Barbecue in India, in Mumbai, India.

(Credit: Rajanbajajag/Facebook) Rajan Bharat’s barbecue has become known around the world.

Rajnans popularity is now so great that he started a barbecue restaurant in Mumbai.

The restaurant, named Rajan bajajang in Hindi, is the world s most famous Indian barbecue restaurant.

In addition to the famous brisket dish, the restaurant also offers a lot of other dishes like roti and chicken tikka masala.

The dishes are often served with spicy sauce and onions, along the side of rice and vegetables.

(Courtesy Rajans BBQ) The Bajani Bajas barbecue in Hyderabad is famous for its ribs, which come with a variety of cuts of beef.

Rajas signature barbecue sauce is also available at the restaurant.

The ribs are made with chicken, onions, and garlic.

It also has a side dish called rajas kar, which comes with rice and other vegetables.

There are other restaurants in Hyderabadi that serve Rajas famous briskets.

Here is a sampling of the popular BBQ dishes in the city.

Rajaji’s BBQ is also popular in Hyderabs home town of Hyderabad.

The Barbecue at Rajas Baja in Hyderabi.

(credit: Rajas bajaparas/Facebook, Rajaji Bhai) Bajai Bajagi is another famous Indian BBQ joint.

The BBQ comes with the traditional beef stew and is very popular.

The dish is usually cooked in a pressure cooker and serves with onions.

The meat is also often served along with other Indian dishes.

Biju Bajar is another popular Indian barbecue joint in Mumbai that serves up the best cuts of meat.

(photo: Raju Bijs/Facebook ) The Bijas Bijan in Hyderangabad is also known for its brisket.

(image: Rajaji Bijos/Facebook).

Raji Bajara is a famous Indian restaurant in Hydera that serves the best ribs.

The barbecue comes with some spicy sauce, onions and garlic and the sauce is usually eaten with green onions and peas, along side of the ribs.

(via Raji bajars Facebook page and Raji Bhai’s FB page) Asma Barbajan in Mumbai serves up some of the best meats.

(video courtesy of Asma Bajan) The barbecue at Asma Bhai in Mumbai is also one of the biggest

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