Why are we still not having any barbecue in Australia?

Posted November 04, 2018 08:51:23 Australian barbecue is back in the news again, and it is not going well.

It is no secret that the Commonwealth government has been reluctant to fund the $1 billion Queensland State Government wants to build a $1.5 billion barbecue barbecue park.

However, this week the Queensland Government was forced to reveal the exact cost of building the park, which would be funded by $2.8 billion from the Commonwealth.

The Government has been given the go ahead by the Federal Government to spend $1 million to support the park construction.

If the park is approved, it will be Australia’s largest barbecue restaurant, and the Commonwealth would be paying for about 40,000 barbecue tables across Queensland, many of which would have to be converted into catering tables.

This will be a major blow to local business owners and patrons who have been expecting a big change in the way they enjoy barbecue in Queensland for years.

But the Government says it can’t afford to lose out on the revenue from the barbecue parks, and is willing to help cover any shortfall.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Queensland government said it would “consider the cost of the project and provide support for any future funding”.

But not everyone is so sanguine.

Some barbecue lovers are saying that the park will be an economic drain on the state.

“I think that there’s a great deal of political and economic risk here that will have a negative impact on the community and also on the region, so I think it’s going to be very difficult for this to happen,” one barbecue lover, from Queensland, told the ABC.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has been keen to build the park for some time, but said the federal government’s support was needed to ensure the project could proceed.

What the federal and Queensland governments have agreed to is that the Queensland State Budget will be approved by the Governor-General, and that the state will get $1,800 per person for every barbecue table that is built.

When asked about the cost, the State Government said it was “under consideration”.

“The Government will look at all the options to help support the construction of the Queensland BBQ Park, including providing more funding to support food services and community engagement,” a spokesman for Ms PalasZczuk said.

And Queensland barbecue is not the only one facing an economic blow to the region.

Earlier this month, Queensland’s Premier, Annastasia Pera, announced that the State would lose $1 in government funding.

As the Queensland Opposition has long called for a full public inquiry into the death of Dr George Hargreaves, the Federal Opposition has said it will push for the state’s entire budget to be released.

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