What is a barbecue and why should you care?

A barbecued turkey is served at Sam’s Barbecue, a popular restaurant and barbecue joint in Seattle, Washington, U.S., August 17, 2018.

REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson/File PhotoA man looks at a grill as he eats a barbeque chicken at Sams Barbecue restaurant in Seattle on Aug. 16, 2018, in Seattle.

Sams Restaurant, a Seattle-area chain, is owned by Sams Holdings, a family of real estate and hospitality businesses.

Sam’s has been criticized for using high-volume barbecuing equipment to cook meat and other meats for its customers.

Sam’s Barbecues serves a menu of meats, such as turkey, beef, lamb and pork, with various sauces and toppings.

Sam is a popular barbecue joint that has been known for its high-quality meat products and its long wait times for customers.

REUTERS//Carlos BarriaSam’s barbecue sauces are also made by Sam’s Holdings, which owns the Sams restaurant chain.

Sam S. Barbecue is a fast-casual restaurant and barbequed meat is served for free.

It is a great way to enjoy a tasty meal on a Saturday evening.

Sam S. is a chain of fast-food restaurants in Seattle that specializes in serving fast-service burgers and hot dogs for more than 10,000 locations.

Sams Holdings was formed by Sam S., his brother Sam, and a family trust that includes his sons, Richard and Mark.

Sam was recently named the “world’s most influential person” by Forbes magazine.

Sam and his brothers have owned Sam’s restaurant since 2000.

Sam owns more than 50 restaurants in the U.s. and around the world, according to Forbes.

Sam also owns the Seattle Seahawks football team, and owns a share of the Seattle Sounders football team.

The Seahawks, with Sam’s name on their jerseys, play at Seattle’s CenturyLink Field in Seattle’s northwest corner.

Sam has been named “the world’s most powerful person” in the Fortune 500 list of the world’s richest people.

Sam has also been named the world “most powerful” man in the world by Forbes.

In a statement, Sam’s told The Associated Press in an emailed statement that Sams had no involvement with Sams Baking Co., and said Sams was not involved in Sam’s Baking Company.

Sam is a well-known name in the Seattle area and his business is seen as a major contributor to the local economy, according the AP.

SamS is a real estate investment company that specializes with the sale of retail properties.

In 2016, SamS announced plans to buy the Seattle-based Barbecue Wings franchise, which is owned and operated by Sam and his brother, Richard.

The brothers had been trying to buy Barbecue wings for years, according a Seattle Times article at the time.

Richard S. told the newspaper that Sam had expressed interest in buying the franchise.

Sam, whose last name is pronounced “simmies,” has been an owner of several Seattle restaurants.

He has been married to his second wife, Michelle, since 2008, according Forbes.

The Seattle Times said that Sam is “a prolific speaker and author” who has been featured in numerous publications.

He’s also been listed as a speaker at universities including Boston University and Columbia University.

Sam purchased the Barbecue Wing franchise in 2015.

Sam told the Times that he and his wife wanted to give the franchise back to their community.

Barbecue Wings had been the franchise of the same name in Seattle for 20 years, the Times reported.

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