A big winner for the urban barbecue market

A new report from the Urban Market Research Group finds that the growth of barbecue in urban markets has become a major boon for the industry in the past three years, with brisket and ribs topping the list of most popular meats.

While barbecue is not as popular as chicken and pork on a national level, the report found that barbecue sales have been on a steady rise over the past year, driven in large part by demand for smoked meats.

The trend is a welcome change, said Robert Schaffer, CEO of Urban Market.

It’s not just that people are hungry for barbecue.

“People are buying it for a whole host of reasons,” Schaffer said.

“It’s the perfect meat for a cold meal.

It can be served with other types of food, or as an appetizer or something that’s served with something else.

It really can be a great alternative for those of us who are busy eating and aren’t really enjoying the barbecue.

The report’s authors say that barbecue is a great way to get people outside and around town. “

We’ve had some really good results from this, and we think it’s going to continue to be a big part of the barbecue market going forward.”

The report’s authors say that barbecue is a great way to get people outside and around town.

While the brisket has been a popular item on the menu for years, the authors note that it’s becoming more popular in restaurants and bars as well.

“I think it is becoming a more popular food item, in the sense that people have a choice,” Schafer said.

He said he’s seen the number of people coming to his restaurants and barbecues from out of town, looking for a quick meal with their friends.

“There are a few restaurants that are doing brisket-only, or they don’t serve it,” he said.

Some restaurants that have made brisket available on the main menu in recent years include The Barbecue Grill, T.W.D. BBQ, Bar-B-Q BBQ and B.B. Smith.

The authors note there is also a lot more competition for brisket now that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2016 that Texas can no longer ban barbecue in public.

But they said that as long as restaurants and the barbecue industry keep innovating, people will continue to want to try out new meat options.

“Bastard barbecue, as a dish, has been on the decline,” said John Vazquez, CEO and founder of Vazzak’s Barbecue, which has been serving brisket in Austin since 1996.

“That’s going on in restaurants across the country, and it’s getting worse, because the demand is not there.”

The U.R.S.’s most recent report on the state of the food and beverage industry also found that a large number of restaurant owners are looking for ways to improve their margins.

While there is an increase in competition for food, the UR.

L.A. said that while restaurant owners in the U

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