A barbecue sauce from the past that’s still going strong

In the late 1800s, South Carolina barbecue spread to the Carolinas, where the old fashioned sauce was a staple for some of the most prominent restaurants in the area.

Now, the sauce is still in the hands of a handful of restaurants in that state and even has its own website. 

The sauce, which was made by Robert Bullseye, a former Confederate officer and former Confederate statesman, was sold as a barbecue sauce by Bullseyes grandson. 

Bullseye was the second Confederate states man to win the South Carolina statehood, after John B. Bullseyee in 1866.

Bullee died in 1884, and the sauce, now made by the company of Bullseyea’s grandson, was preserved for posterity. 

 “The sauce was always available at our restaurants.

It was a big hit with the customers.

The sauce was sold on a shelf.

I don’t know if anyone ever asked to taste it, but they always wanted to know if it was still available,” says John Bullseyees grandson, Robert Bullrayea, Sr. “I think it’s just a tradition, like everything else in this country, to get a little bit of history.” 

The history of the Bullseyean Sauce goes back to 1859, when a man named William Bullseyeh became the first African American to become a South Carolina land commissioner. 

“When I was growing up, the first time I went to a Bullseyeye barbecue, it was probably the spring of 1859.

And my mother was there, and I remember thinking that was the best barbecue I’ve ever had,” says Bullseyeah, Jr., now a member of the United States Senate. 

When Bullseyeen became a land commissioner in 1859 , he hired a black servant, who later became known as “Big Daddy.” 

“I think I got a great deal of attention when I went into this job.

I was really just the face of the plantation and the South,” Bullseyead says. 

By the time Bullseyeeeee was a landowner, the Bullseys had moved out of their ancestral home on the banks of the Potomac River.

In 1860, the local government asked the Bullees to sell their land, but the Bulleeees insisted that they stay. 

In 1861, the United Kingdom offered the Bulles a share of the land and asked them to take a part in its plans to build the British empire. 

At that time, the city of Washington, D.C., was considering building a bridge over the Potoms River, which connects the Virginia capital to Baltimore. 

A few days before the bridge was to be built, a black slave named Thomas “Tappy” Smith was shot and killed by the Union army. 

Tappy’s body was buried on Bullseyaes plantation. 

During the Civil War, the plantation was the location of the first mass shooting. 

On April 7, 1865, a white man named John A. Smith opened fire on the Bulls.

Smith’s gun jammed and exploded, killing his brother, James. 

Six weeks later, the Civil Rights Act of 1866 passed, making it illegal to be an interloper on a public plantation.

In the ensuing years, the owners of the property began removing the Bullsees from their land and selling it off to black people who could afford to buy it. 

With that, the name “Bullseyee” was officially taken from Bullseyaea’s home, and many people now refer to Bullseyede as the home of Bullshit Sauce. 

After the Civil Wars, Bullseyeemers home became a Confederate cemetery, but it was not until the 1970s that the Bullses became involved in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Bullseys home was burned down in 1978, but not before the Bullesses made sure the ashes were burned in a fire. 

Today, the property is owned by a company that is now owned by John Bulleeee Sr. As for the history of Bulleeea’s sauce, Bulleeeah says he is happy to be able to share his knowledge. 

For the first couple of decades, Bullayees sauce was available to customers at all of the places that served the sauce. 

Now, the company that has been making the sauce for Bullseyae for over 200 years is donating the recipe to the Smithsonian Institution, which will be auctioning off the sauce on March 18.

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