When will China open its new restaurant?

The Chinese barbecue restaurant called Chicken, located in the Chinatown neighborhood of Seattle, opened its doors last week.

The restaurant has an impressive list of barbecue joints, including one with the highest score in the nation at 1,715 points.

But while many of the restaurant’s patrons can be considered “chef royalty,” it’s not quite as glamorous as the barbecue restaurants in the United States, where barbecue joints are seen as the ultimate symbol of a certain class of Asian American men and women.

I want to be a chef.

I want to cook great food, and I want my food to be appreciated, not disparaged, said the restaurant manager, Cheng.

The restaurant is also not a restaurant.

If you ask Cheng, he’s not a chef, he just wants to be one.

There’s a huge difference between being a cook, he said, and being a chef-owner.

Cheng, whose father is Chinese, said he’s never considered himself a chef but believes in the art of cooking.

I’m really excited to try and get to the point where we can bring people from different cultures together.

I just want to share that passion with the people.

Cheng said he is excited to start work on the restaurant this week.

When it opens in January, the restaurant will serve up a menu that includes chicken, pork, beef, beef ribs, beef buns and Chinese sausage.

Chinese food is not a specialty in Seattle.

It’s an American tradition that dates back to the late 1800s, when Chinese immigrants from China arrived in the city.

The Chinese were able to cook at home for the first time in Seattle because of the city’s proximity to the ocean.

For the restaurant, the chef is trying to give the restaurant an identity that represents a distinct Chinese culture, Cheng said.

He is hoping to find restaurants in Chinatown, Ballard and elsewhere in the region.

He also is trying not to be too flashy.

The menu is very basic.

It’s a lot of meats and vegetables and maybe some desserts and maybe a little bit of Chinese food, he added.

Cheng also said that he is hoping that the restaurant can draw people from other cultures to come and visit the restaurant.

He said that the Chinese community is not only welcoming, but they’re supportive.

I want people to feel welcome, he told The Seattle Times.

In a country that has a lot to be proud of, it’s just really important that we are able to celebrate our culture, he continued.

At this time, the only Chinese restaurant in the country that I know of is at a restaurant called Szechuan.

I think the Chinese people want to go to Szechuans, but it’s really not as well known as Chinese barbecue.

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