How to make barbecue rod in less than an hour

A new barbecuing tool is being developed that promises to give you an easy, inexpensive way to cook meat.

With a rod, you can grill meats with ease in a matter of minutes.

The technology is called the BBQ Rod, a portable grill that can be put to use in any household.

The device is the work of Jerusalem-based startup Barbecue Rod and was unveiled at a recent event in New York City.

The company, which calls itself a collaboration between Israeli and American companies, plans to sell the product through online retail outlets.

The company says the product will be available in Israel by the end of this year.

According to the company, the BBQ rod is a portable heat source that can also be used to cook steaks, fish, chicken, pork, fish oil and poultry.

The rods use a combination of stainless steel and wood, with an interior made of a material that absorbs moisture and releases heat.

A company spokeswoman told The Jerusalem Times the rod can be used in two ways: The grill itself is made of plastic and the rod is wrapped around a barbecue grill.

The rod is an innovative solution for a time when the cost of cooking meats in a restaurant is on the rise and people are turning to cheaper options such as grill pans and broilers.

“I would not have believed it five years ago, but now we’re seeing more and more people using this inexpensive method,” Barbecue R.I.P. founder, Michael Caspian told The Times.

“It has the potential to bring back a great restaurant experience to a lot of people.”

The BBQ Rod is made by the Israeli company Bezalel.

The product is not the first to utilize plastic and wood in a heat source, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Earlier this year, the Israeli startup Baked Chicken made a similar heat source using plastic and a ceramic material.

However, the company behind the Barbecue Pane is aiming to offer a cheaper alternative for the kitchen.

The project was first announced in February, and now the company has released a beta version.

Barbecue Pot has already released a version of its BBQ Rod that uses a plastic pan that can cook beef.

The BBQ Pane uses the same heat source as the Barbé Rod, but the company is planning to add more wood to its product in the future.

“We’re trying to find a way to have a better wood burning process,” said company founder, Yossi Gershon.

“For us, we have the right ingredients, the right tools and the right materials and the perfect amount of heat.

But the best part is that the materials and materials are easy to work with and we’re making this as fast as possible.”

Barbecue Rod is available for pre-order through the company’s website.

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