Chinese BBQ sauce, pappas BBQ sauce made in Australia

A popular Chinese BBQ sauce has been made in Sydney by a team from Melbourne and Adelaide and is being sold at Asian BBQ and Chinese BBQ events.

The sauce was created by local barbecue chef and owner of Asian BBQ Restaurant, Cheng Zhan Wang, at his restaurant, Chai Jing BBQ, in Melbourne.

He said he created the sauce after seeing a photo of a Chinese-made BBQ sauce he had seen on the internet.

“I noticed it was made from Chinese barbecue sauce and that’s how I came up with it,” he said.

“There’s so much passion for Chinese food and it’s a lot of fun.”

It’s been a real hit for our restaurants in Sydney, in Sydney and in Melbourne, so I wanted to do something that people would be able to enjoy and we thought it would be a great way to bring it to a wider audience.

“People think it’s more of a pungent, smoky, barbecue sauce. “

It’s a great sauce, a lot more complex than the traditional Chinese sauce,” he added.

“People think it’s more of a pungent, smoky, barbecue sauce.

But it’s just like any other BBQ sauce you would have on a plate.”

“People are really into it.

I think it will definitely have a good impact on the whole industry.”

The sauces is made using a blend of BBQ sauces from China, Vietnam, Korea and Taiwan.

Mr Wang is also selling his products through a Chinese BBQ website, which has received over 5,000 hits and is expected to have another million downloads in the coming days.

He says the popularity of his sauces is a sign of things to come for his businesses.

“The whole idea of creating BBQ sauce is to spread joy in people’s hearts and bring people joy, and so it’s good to have something that’s easy to do,” he told

“We’re all doing our part and we’re all making something good.”

He said the popularity would not change his restaurant’s business model.

“This sauce is a huge hit.

The sauce is now available on Chinese BBQ websites. “

And we’ll continue to keep going and keep doing our BBQ thing.”

The sauce is now available on Chinese BBQ websites.

Mr Cheng said he was excited to see how other Chinese BBQ chefs in the future would enjoy using his sauce.

“My son loves it, and he likes the flavour, the colour,” he explained.

“He’ll make his own sauce in the evening, so it will become even more popular.”

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