BBQ sauce from Louisiana’s best BBQ joints gets a big boost

A sauce made from the state’s best barbecue joints gets more exposure thanks to its inclusion in a new cookbook, and it comes from one of the nation’s best restaurants.

In the book “Lovin’ Louisiana: BBQ, BBQing, and the Making of a Southern Icon,” author Louis Boudreau says the sauce from the restaurants of St. Louis, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans, along with the restaurant in Baton Rouge that first launched the barbecue craze, makes it “the most popular sauce in America.”

“It’s not just Louisiana, but the whole South, in fact, is the best barbecue sauce in the country,” he said.

The book is based on a 2015 study by the Louisiana State University Food Research Center, which showed Louisiana was the nation “barbecue capital.”

Boudreau said the sauce is based largely on the Louisiana-made, Louisiana-grown and Louisiana-produced “Barbecue Sauce,” a blend of Louisiana-cured black beans, red wine, and a mixture of red chili flakes.

“The original barbecue sauce was made in the Old South and was very good, but it had a tendency to stick to the skin,” he explained.

Boudette said the Louisiana sauces are all made with fresh Louisiana ingredients, and they are used to make the sauce “look like Louisiana, so people will think it’s Louisiana, even though it’s not.”

The book includes recipes from many of the state and city’s best eateries, including the Boudette’s, and also includes recipes for Louisiana-inspired dishes like barbecue ribs and barbecue pork chops.

Bettie’s BBQ in New Orleans was the first to start serving barbecue in the U.S. in 1963, and has since grown to include all of its restaurants, and is one of only two barbecue restaurants in New York City.

“We’re all very proud of what we do,” said Boudy.

“But it’s been a long time coming.”

Burt’s BBQ & Sons, which opened in 1963 in New Braunfels, has since expanded to include three more restaurants, including a restaurant in the heart of downtown, which Boudu said has been the most popular spot in the city.

“When we opened, it was a lot of fun,” said Bobby Burt.

“The people are great.

The people are really good.

But now it’s like we’re all in it together.

Everybody’s here for a reason.

It’s just a family affair.”

The other two restaurants are in downtown New Braunfs, which includes two other restaurants and a popular steakhouse, and downtown Baton Rouge.

New Braunfers first barbecue restaurant, The Stilt Pit, was opened in 1964 and has remained open as a destination barbecue joint.

“I like New Braunfar,” said Joe Sperling, a longtime resident.

“I like the barbecue.

It just makes you feel good, you know, like you’re at home.

But then, the people here are just so nice.”

The new book is scheduled to be published in late 2018.

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