Why is the Chinese BBQ Rub so good?

The barbecue rub has been around for as long as barbecue has existed, but it’s now available in China as well.

This time around, it’s for its barbecue spare ribs.

It’s a new and unique product that’s also an ingredient in Chinese beer, as well as being used in Chinese food, as the company claims.

It uses the same spices, and also a special sauce, but the ingredients are different. 

Tony’s BBQ rub is a special type of barbecue rub that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

TONY’S BBQ RUB TONY’s BBQ RABBISHIPE IS A NEW AND UNIQUE PRODUCT that you won’t find elsewhere in the universeTONYS BBQ Rub is a unique product with a unique ingredient.

This sauce, called the “Barbecue Rub” is made from a combination of ingredients from around the world, which is why the company decided to create a new rub.

The ingredients are made from soy sauce, soybean oil, vinegar, sugar, salt and garlic.

They are then combined and dried in the sun to create this unique sauce.

The product has been made in China for over a year now, and the sauce is currently available in three flavors: BBQ BBQ, BBQ Rub, and BBQ Rub Extra. 

I have to say, the BBQ Rub has one of the best flavors.

I’m not even sure what the ingredients would be used for.

I can’t imagine them being used for anything else.

They’re unique. 

There are no pork chops, or chicken, or even pork ribs. 

The sauce is also unique because it’s made from vinegar, and there are no soybean extracts used in the sauce.

That’s a huge deal for the Chinese, as soybean products are extremely low in sodium, and are often found in foods like soup and noodle soups.

It makes it a lot easier for them to get sodium-free foods. 

Barbecue rubs also are incredibly healthy for you, and you can eat a portion of the sauce before and after eating, just to get the sodium levels down. 

And that’s what makes it so popular in China, as this product has now been in existence for over two years.

It is available in many different forms, from sauces and marinades, to barbecues and barbecue spare ribbons. 

“The new sauce has a lot of ingredients, and it’s one of our biggest products.

And it’s also a very expensive product,” said Peter Li, TONY’s Chief Technology Officer, in an interview with New Scientist.

“The sauce will cost between 1,000 yuan ($16) and 3,000, so it’s really expensive.”

TONY is the world’s largest food manufacturer and distributor of barbecue sauces.

It has about 100 million customers in China and sells more than 5 million pounds of barbecue sauce a year. 

It’s important to note that the product does contain sodium, but is also a healthy food.

It contains potassium, magnesium, potassium bromide, potassium chloride, potassium sulfate, and a bit of iron. 

You’ll also need to wash the sauce off after cooking, or you can use a microwave to cook it on low heat for about 30 minutes, to remove any salt and flavorings. 

When you use the sauce, it will soak up the salt and oil, making it taste even better. 

That being said, TONY’S Barbecue Rub is an incredibly affordable and tasty barbecue sauce.

It costs less than $2 a pound. 

If you want to try it, you can also get a free sample of the new sauce at your local convenience store. 

This is not the first time TONY has come up with a new sauce for the world to taste.

Back in 2010, the company also introduced a BBQ rub for its Chinese BBQ customers.

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