When it comes to BBQ sauce, no one has ever tasted it like this

I can barbecue!

I can grill, grill and grill and more grill.

And, if I do need to, I can have it in my hands and on the table!

I’m not a fan of mustard BBQ sauce.

It’s bland, bland, and bland.

Its a bit like a sauce you might find in a supermarket, only with a hint of garlic, a dash of pepper, and a bit of mustard.

But I digress.

It tastes good!

I’ve made a few recipes with it and loved them.

I recently made the recipe for mustard BBQ, and I thought I’d share it with you, because I know a lot of people enjoy mustard BBQ.

This recipe is not only the best mustard BBQ recipe I’ve ever had, it’s also the best I’ve had in a long time.

This mustard BBQ has a hint, a touch of garlic and a touch the mustard, and it really adds a little something to the BBQ.

I’m so glad I got this recipe.

I’ll make it again.

I promise.

It is a classic, I promise!

This is one of the best BBQ sauces I’ve tried in a while.

And I’m going to make a batch of mustard barbecue sauce again.

You’ll need: 1 lb of ribs, skinless or boneless 1 lb. of chicken thighs, skin-on 1/2 cup mustard (I used this one) 1/4 cup water (I like to use the low sodium method of cooking it, but you can also use the full sodium method, which is to cook it in a large pot on high heat.

Make sure you get the sauce as close to boiling as possible.)

Preheat your grill to medium heat.

Cut the chicken into chunks.

Add the skin-ons to the pot and add a pinch of salt.

Put the lid on the pot.

Cook for about 10 minutes on low.

Remove the chicken, rinse and pat dry.

If you use a griddle, put a layer of foil on top of it.

Put a little more water on top.

Put some mustard on the bottom of the pot, if you like.

Let the sauce cook for about 30 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the chicken is cooked through.

Put your ribs in the oven and place them on the grill.

I like to put the meat on top so that the sauce is on the meat and not on the skin.

Add some barbecue sauce to the top.

Let the sauce cool for about an hour.

Put it in the refrigerator and make sure it’s hot.

When it’s done, place the chicken back in the pot (on a rack) and let it rest for at least an hour before you eat it.

You can eat it immediately, or you can keep it in an airtight container and put it in your refrigerator for up to a day.

The chicken is great on the barbecue, and you can serve it with some mustard or barbecue sauce on top if you prefer.

This is my go-to barbecue sauce.

I’m not too picky about my barbecue sauce, but this one is definitely my go to for BBQ.

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