Which Indian restaurant is the best in the country?

On the menu of Raj Bhavan, one of Mumbai’s most prestigious restaurants, is a selection of sausages and chicken wings.

Its owner, who does not want his surname used, said he was unaware of the country’s curry boom until he went to a restaurant in the city a couple of years ago and found that its menu contained “three or four dishes in all” and that its staff were “mostly English.”

But he said that his family has been to several Indian restaurants in the past and he had never been to any that were “as bad as the ones in Raj Bhawan.”

And that, he said, is because his parents were “frugal,” and that he wanted to make sure his kids were fed the best food available.

“It is a good thing I am not a curry guy,” Mr. Bhavan said.

“I love Indian food.

My family used to go to a few Indian restaurants and they were good, but now I don’t go to them.”

Mr. Bhasin is a well-known name in the Indian restaurant business, with a Michelin-starred restaurant in Mumbai, the best-selling restaurant in New Delhi and a Michein-starring restaurant in Bangalore.

He has also opened five restaurants across India, with four of those in Mumbai.

He said he came to India from Bangladesh about 30 years ago, with his wife, and “it’s a good country to be in.”

His son, Ramjit, said that even in his home country, the restaurants he has been involved with are more than adequate, and that his father “knows how to make good food.”

“He will make a good meal,” he said.

Ramjit Bhasan has served at restaurants in Mumbai and Bangalore and is a Micheal-starrer.

(Jai Singh/For The Washington Post) Ramjit Bhaskar, who has worked in Mumbai for nearly 20 years, said the restaurant scene in India is “not as bad” as it is in the United States, where curry houses are more crowded and prices are more expensive.

“Indian food is good.

Indian food is not as good as the American cuisine,” Mr, Bhasu said.

But the restaurant industry in India has grown by about 50 percent since 2000, as the economy has improved, said Prabhat Kumar, who heads the Indian Restaurant Association in New York.

“A lot of people in the industry were doing the same job as we were doing a couple years ago,” Mr., Kumar said.

Many people in India, he added, are working long hours and have no vacation.

The restaurants he works at often are among the first ones to open when the sun comes up, so “when it comes to quality, I think the food is better than the American food.”

Ramjit said his father has “never had any problem with food.”

Mr., Bhasker said his restaurant is not the best.

“There are some very good Indian restaurants, and they do well, but the quality is not good enough,” he added.

The average Indian food in India costs about 50 rupees (about $1.20) for a plate of food, which, he noted, “is pretty much the same price as a good American burger.”

Mr, Kumar said he hopes his restaurant will help change that perception, and to attract more visitors.

“The best way to make the Indian food better is to educate people on Indian food,” he concluded.

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