How to find your next favorite restaurant

The number of restaurants and food trucks that have opened in New York is on the rise, with more than 1,000 openings so far this year.

Nowhere is the growth more evident than in restaurants and eateries that cater to the millennials, according to a new study by research firm Technomic.

The number of millennials who have visited restaurants or taken advantage of online ordering services is up 50% from 2015, and the number of food trucks has risen to 7,000, Technomic found.

And the number who have chosen to live in New Jersey has tripled in the past five years, from about 3,000 in 2016 to nearly 5,000 today.

What’s driving this growth?

The number who are living and working in New Brunswick has increased by more than 30% in the last five years.

The data shows New Jersey is a hotbed of young, working and entrepreneurial people who are finding success in New England, according a recent report from Technomic, a firm that specializes in data-driven insights.

That’s partly because of the New Jersey Devils, which have made New York their home since their arrival in the city in 2006, and also because of a lack of competition, said Matt Juhlman, chief executive of Technomic and author of the report.

Juhlmans report looked at the numbers of New Jersey businesses that have more than 5,500 employees and at the number that opened in 2015.

It also looked at data from Technomics, which collects data about online ordering from hundreds of restaurants in the state.

The numbers are astounding.

More than one in five New Jersey restaurants opened in 2016, the highest number in the country.

There are now nearly 2,000 restaurants and one food truck per borough.

In the past two years, the number has jumped to 4,600, Technomics found.

Juhls report also found that millennials are buying more expensive food in the Garden State, with restaurants spending more than double on food in 2016 compared to 2015.

Johls report found that in 2016 New Jersey ranked among the top states in the nation for millennial growth.

It’s the only state that saw a doubling in millennials over the past 10 years.

“In 2016, millennials were growing at a faster rate than their parents, so it was really a natural growth trajectory for New Jersey,” said Juhlis report co-author Jana Kostka, a senior fellow at Technomic who previously worked at The New York Times.

The state has seen the fastest growth in the number and age of its millennials.

Jill Dolan, a spokeswoman for the governor, said the state has made it easier for millennials to find a job and get an education.

It has made sure that they can get health insurance through a newly created state-run exchange and has expanded the online learning opportunities for New York’s millennial population, she said.

But many of the people that are choosing to move to New Jersey have done so for economic reasons, said Jihlis report.

People are choosing the state to work, or to get an internship, he said.

And they want to live here, Juhlins report found.

The state has also seen a surge in job growth in construction and other industries, which are also booming, Kostkas report found, citing data from the Census Bureau.

Jehls report did not examine whether millennials are moving to the city because of higher salaries, but it did note that the average New Jersey worker made more money in 2016 than they did in 2011.

Jahls report was commissioned by the New York State Council on Competitiveness and is part of a larger study of New York City’s growth.

Technomic is a data analytics company based in Cambridge, Mass., that focuses on analyzing trends in the digital world.

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