A Texas barbecue sauce recipe may have been the inspiration for a hit restaurant

The secret sauce behind the Texas-inspired barbecue sauce made famous by the restaurant chain Baskin-Robbins has been traced to a recipe in a restaurant menu.

According to a report by the Associated Press, a Texas barbecue cookbook that has been in circulation since the 1950s included the sauce recipe, called “The Bask In The Roast,” as a “must have” for restaurants.

The recipe was originally described in a 1959 book called The Bask, by a Texas-based chef named Henry C. Blau.

The book, which was first published in 1959, is now in its sixth edition, and the recipe has remained largely unchanged.

In addition to a description of the recipe in the book, Blau wrote in the recipe book that he had tried to replicate the sauce at home, but his wife, who was not a cook, did not like the result.

Blucher was inspired to create the sauce after trying it at a restaurant in Kansas.

According of the AP report, the sauce is actually made with three ingredients: black pepper, sea salt and garlic.

The salt is added to the black pepper while the garlic is then ground and mixed with a small amount of water.

The AP story noted that the sauce was not made from scratch, but rather from a recipe Blau published in 1958.

It also noted that Blau, who died in 2004, had written a cookbook called The Art of Cooking, which has since been published by the American Barbecue Association.

Blau was not the first chef to create a sauce recipe.

In 2008, Chef George Staggs, who also is an award-winning chef, published a cook book called Cook the Book, which he called the “ultimate recipe book for the cook.”

Staggs also created a recipe for a barbecue sauce, the first cookbook to include the use of a chicken in its recipe.

The sauce was first described in Cook the Books by John Lutz, a chef who had worked with Blau and had worked on several cookbooks, including The Art Of Cooking.

According, the recipe for the Bask sauce has been around since at least 1950, and it was first shared on a barbecue forum by another cookbook author named James “Jimmy” Johnson, who in 2010 wrote about the sauce in his book, Cooking with James “Jims” Johnson.

The recipes were not always popular with restaurant customers.

In 2012, the restaurant industry released a report titled The Restaurant Industry’s Top 20 Favorite Barbecue Sauce Recipes, which listed some of the more popular sauces.

The report noted that some sauces were better than others.

According a cookery website, the Basket Hill BBQ recipe has since become the second-most-popular barbecue sauce in the country, after the Original BBQ Sauce, which is made with chicken.

The Basket Hills, New Jersey, restaurant, known for its classic grilled chicken, is known for a signature sauce that was featured on the TV show “Baskin Robbins.”

The New York Post recently published an article titled “A barbecue sauce-inspired restaurant in New York is the next restaurant to be shuttered,” which said the Bawdy Barbecue in the Bronx was closing on July 5.

According the AP, the bar’s owner, David L. Williams, told the AP he plans to use the sauce to make “a barbecue sauce with beef, pork, chicken, lamb and veal.”

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